Some of these are used in the weekly assignments, some are additional sources for explanations and supporting material and some are just for fun!



Openstax Timothy Taylor’s Economics:  Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

To access: Click “Get This Book”  I suggest the Web View.  You can donate if you want or just “Continue without donating…”  I make a donation to this organization each year.  I consider that as payment for all of you. On the weekly blog posts I link to the chapter.  But you can also use the contents tab and find the appropriate section.


Microeconomics: mjmfoodie microeconomics channel

Macroeconomics: mjmfoodie macroeconomics channel

These are some additional resources.  They are a little more technical and detailed.


Dirk Mateer

Teaching & Learning

About the flipped classroom

STUDENTS:  CHECK THESE OUT: Taking Notes on lecture and Taking notes on readings

Growth Mindset

Terms and Definitions

Economics Dictionary

Amos Economics Encyclopedia

Amos’ Glossary of Economic Terms


Economic Sites

St Louis Federal Reserve

CIA World Factbook

This Day in Economic History


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