Week 2 (catchy titles this year)

By the end of class Thursday, you will have your topic and your personal story relating to that topic.  A powerful talk will come from an idea/event/theme that is meaningful to you.  If you don’t care about your topic, neither will your audience.

To dig down deep into your psyche we are going to use a troubleshooting technique used by manufacturing plants around the world.  We are going to use the 5 Whys. It is exactly what it sounds like and we will play around with the idea in class.  Just bring your topic ideas.

Think First, Organize Later.

Hobart Swan Teaching Village

For Feb 8:

  • 1 (or 2 or 3) mind maps of the topic or topics you are considering.  This can be what you did in class last week, a revision of that or a brand new mind map.


Mind Map examples from LifeHacker, using mind maps for brainstorming research paper topics, detailed instructions from Hobart Swan




Welcome Back!


Hello!  Time has flown.  I meant to have this up last week.  This semester you will each be preparing your own TED-type talk.  Class will be more like a workshop where you each bring your material and we all discuss.  Each week we will add another presentation element.

Our first week will be choosing a topic and learning to dissect TED talks. Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday!

For Feb 1:

  • Complete as many of the prompts as you can.  Responses can be one word, a phrase, or maybe, a sentence.  Treat it as a brainstorm session.  If a question or prompt inspires nothing, then skip it.  Move on.  I would like you all to have at least 6 answers by class time.  I think that will be doable.  See the topic prompts below.
  • Bring the name and speaker of a TED talk you really like.  If you do not have one, just watch a few and pick one to share with class Thursday.

Topic prompts

Class  Resources:

These do not need to be purchased.

Talk Like TED, Carmine Gallo. 2014

Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. 2016.


Immigration, V

Summation of resources from today’s class.  Use these as needed for evidence on your editorial planning sheets.

I.  Opinions

Use any of these opinion poll findings as a foil for your editorial.  In other words, respond to one of the questions’ findings.

Gallup Opinion Polls:

Immigration in general

Report on the immigration poll with summaries of attitudes

Basic Feelings of US citizens towards immigration

Economic Impacts

Pew Research Center Polls: 

Support for Undocumented Immigrants

Policy differences includes opinions on crime

II. The Numbers

Now we want to compare perception to reality.  So take an opinion we found, for example “72% [of Americans] believe immigrants take the jobs Americans don’t want” from a Jan 2017 Gallup poll. Now we can look at what jobs are immigrants most likely to have.  Are they jobs citizens don’t want?

Fact Sheets:

Illegal Immigration Facts, Pew

DACA Facts, Pew

Immigrant Educational Attainment, US Census

Immigrant Contribution to Job Creation as Business Owners Pew

Where Unauthorized Immigrants Work Pew

Impacts of various DACA proposals Migration Policy Institute PDF to be downloaded

Demographics of Immigrants Pew Hispanic Research Center

Unauthorized Immigrants in Workforce Pew Hispanic research Center

Immigrant Workers by Industry Pew Hispanic Research Center

Rise of Federal Immigration Crime Pew Hispanic Research Center

  • Among unauthorized immigrants sentenced in federal courts in 2012, 68% were convicted of “unlawfully entering or remaining in the United States,” 19% were sentenced for drug offenses, 7% were sentenced for other immigration related offenses and the remainder (6%) were sentenced for other crimes.10

Use of Education System by Children of Unauthorized Immigrants Pew Hispanic research Center

Education level of Today’s Immigrants Pew Hispanic Research Center

Report on Public Benefits for Immigrants in States Pew Charitable Trust.   As mentioned in class there is a 5-year waiting period for qualified immigrants to receive benefits at the federal level.  However, states can and most have put in place exceptions extending financial assistance to new immigrants before the five-year waiting period.  Scroll down in this report the data is in middle to end.

Criminal Immigrants: Demographics CATO Institute

Crime and Immigrants PolitiFact

Crime is Even Lower in Diverse Neighborhoods”    

For Dec 14:

  • Completed editorial planning sheet
  • Read TS/IS chapter 8 “As A Result: Connecting the Parts”
  • Add any other sources you find to the comments, please.
    • Dec 14 Planning Sheet – bring to class
    • Dec 21 Email me your draft
    • Jan 5 Email me your final paper


  • Best TV of 2017 American Vandal is at the top of the list (yes, an appeal to authority)
  • In case I cannot decide on the two wallpaper swatches and go another direction, you may return to this in February.

Immigration, IV


Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.  In class this week we will compare opinions about immigration to data about immigration and immigrants.  The contrasts we find will form the base for you next paper.

For December 7:


Five Fallacies video

9 Charming Cartoons Explaining Logical Fallacies

More fallacy examples

How many fallacies can you find, Immigrant Disease The Daily Show

Trump and Logical Fallacies, here