Along with school and family, religion is an institution in society for teaching social values.  And also like family and education, it does more than teach social norms. Religion also provides community, lifestyle practices and a way to order their year.

Pew Research, Feb 2016 report


For Mar 9:

  • Read about your chosen religion
  • Complete 2 slides on your chosen religion’s holiday celebration and norms & beliefs
    • See my sample for Mormonism – this is just a broad – broad overview of the religion
  • Put a link to your sources in the Speaker’s notes section
  • Google Slides link

Resources for religion:

Data on beliefs and practices:

11 minute video on most of the religion’s backgrounds:

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society

Encyclopedia Britannica, Requires registration for free trial to access articles

Religious Tolerance

Religious Facts Not an academic site but seems objective and thorough enough for our purposes

Internet Public Library religion page,



Play the Belief-O-Matic, Find out which religion/denomination most closely matches your beliefs

Religious Community, rituals and trust – one theory



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