Media – All the News

This week we examine the news.  We will focus on network, cable, and internet news sources.  So unfortunately we will not have time to debate the merits of The Onion.


Paul Ryan Grudgingly Impressed By Angry Protester Who’s Matched His Running Pace For 9 Miles


For Mar 2:

Race, Class Gender Analysis Paper Due Click the link for grading guidelines

In your introduction paragraph include a brief summary of your subject’s life.  For example with Arnold Spirit:

Arnold Spirit is a native American living on a reservation in Washington state.  During middle school, a teacher recognized his academic potential and encouraged him to attend a school in the next town over.  A white town.  The complications of being an ethnic minority in high school as well as significantly poorer than his classmates provide challenges and opportunities for Arnold.

In your analysis, consider the challenges or privileges of each sociological status.  Describe how being male or female made your subject’s life course harder or easier and made for more or fewer opportunities.


Interactive Philanthropy Map

On The Media, public radio show about – the media.

Episode “The Ties That Bind,” a recent episode.  Definitely podcast material!

From Headline to Photograph, A Fake News Masterpiece, New York Times, Jan 18, 2017 An amazing story about how a fake news story is created and circulated.

And the history of Sesame Street, Street Gang.

An article on Sesame Street, Children’s TV – Left Behind in The Atlantic Jul 16, 2015

The Data Behind Hollywood’s Sexism.  A TED Talk



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