Stratification, Part II




Pic from Mobility Measured in The Economist

Here are the links from class – the ones we got to and the one we did not.

Playspent, A challenging budget simulation.

Check(list) Your Privilege, Check what you have and have not faced in your life to get a privilege score.  And/or try MTv quiz “Discover Your Advantages

Do You Live in a Bubble,  a privilege check focused on class

Find out how big your town is here,

This site has lots and lots of information about towns.  It is very fun to click around here.

Mapping Poverty, A New York Times interactive to find areas of high poverty in the nation

Lifestyle Choices and class,

and/or try this one to see how your family’s situation compares to ohers in your zip code

Wonder how race, gender and education impact income? Check this out  Be sure to click on the “You” person on the average income page to see how average income varies for different races, genders and education levels.  


and a little bit more about the costs of being poor



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