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Class segregation, though frequently unspoken and denied,  underlies much of American life.  When it is discussed, it is terms of overcoming it as in rags to riches stories or that the rich are still in touch with their humble roots.  Does class matter for understanding each other?    This week we will look at the different classes, their determinants, characteristics and chances for success.


Read the full comic here.  Thanks Nora for the link!

For Feb 16:

— Bring The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and a laptop

— Read “Your Brain on Poverty”  by Derek Thompson from The Atlantic

A longer version of the story here. (Note: You do not have to read this long version)

— Listen to (or read the transcript) of “What It’s Like To Be Rich”

— Write a response paper answering:

Which would you rather be rich or poor?  And why?

Use at least one quote from BOTH articles to support your argument


The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up


2 thoughts on “Class”

  1. Hi Donna. When i click on the “your brain on poverty” link it takes me to a different marginal benefits page
    … the same thing happened for Abbie.


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