Here is the video I hoped to watch last week  Generation Like a follow-up to Merchants of Cool  Both videos explore the economic and social power (or is it exploitation) of teens.

On Prison and Race: 13th directed by Ava DuVernay 

To do by Dec 15:

Paragraph 1 summary

Paragraph 2 respond to the following question

There are four functions of prison: deterrence, rehabilitation,  retribution and social protection. The threat of prison is supposed to act as a deterrent or discouragement from even committing a crime.  The rehabilitation function is to give prisoners the skills they may need to succeed in life outside of prison.  The third function is retribution or a sort of payment for crime committed against society.  This is like the eye for an eye rule – the criminal took something and now society will take the perpetrator’s freedom. And finally, prisons serve to protect the public from dangerous people.  Most researchers agree that where American prisons are the weakest is in the rehabilitation of inmates as indicated by the high recidivism or rearrest rate, see the chart below.

What elements of Hadden prison would you recommend American prisons use to improve the rehabilitation of prisoners? And why (supporting quote or evidence is always appreciated!)

Percent of released prisonners rearrested within 3 years by offense, 1994


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