Youth and Aging

Is it young vs old?  Maybe in some ways.  In 1970 a large percent of the population was 15 years and younger.  This is a society that has to pay attention to children and teens.  But as birth rates fall and life spans extend, we are seeing a change in the world age distribution. As the global population becomes less youth heavy what changes do you think we will see?

From The World ReShaped

This week the young, the old and the in-betweens.


POP Quiz on Marriage

Before Dec 8:

–Read both articles and take notes:

Laurence Steinberg, “The Case for Delayed Adulthood

Dominic Preston, “Wasting Your 20s with a Purpose”

Notes should include: author’s main idea, reasons, evidence and their so what?

–Watch TED talk and take notes as above:

Meg Jay “Why 30 is Not the New 20”

–Write a response paper:

How will you view your 20s?  As extended adolescence with no responsibilities and lots of fun? As a time with few responsibilities and purposeful exploration? Or as a time to begin adulthood with all of its responsibilities?

Paragraph one – Answer the question “How do you view the 20s and why?”Include at least two supporting quotes.

Paragraph two- Based on paragraph one – describe what your 20s will look like.  Consider jobs, schooling, living situation, relationships, etc



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