Family, Our first group


Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoyed time with your families.  This week we will look at family.  Why are we organized this way?  As you can imagine the functionalists, conflict theorists and symbolic-interactionists all have something to say about the traditional family.

For Dec 1:

__ Bring a laptop if you can.  We will be looking at the changing demographics of families

__ Write down your ideas of traditional marriage and family (just as notes for you)

__ Watch the video above

__ Read this summary of marriage through time by Stephanie Coontz: Marriage, A History

__ Write a two paragraph response paper.

– First paragraph summary of the video and reading.

+Focus on how marriage has changed over time and/or varied across cultures.

+Refer mostly to the broad changes with at least one specific example from the video or reading to show how much marriage can vary.

+ While there is no template to use, the basic form still applies:

        Broad summary sentence.  Specific (definition or time comparison or cross cultural comparison or quote). Specific (definition or time comparison or cross cultural comparison or quote).  Explanation of definition, comparison or quote). Why it matters.  Transition to paragraph two

       – Second paragraph, answer: “What surprised you the most?” General template follows.  Though you can certainly deviate from the specific words, but stick to the general form.

          I was surprised to learn ___x__.  Specifically, ____. I found this surprising as I always thought _____. Knowing __x__ is important as it means ____.




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