What do these images make you think of?


 406px-remington_the_cowboy_1902  800px-us_flag_backlit     800px-apple_pie_182161_04  250px-statue_of_liberty_-_4621961395


This week we explore how ideas, values and objects define a culture.

For Oct 27:

__ Read Outliers,  Chp 4 & 6

__ Take Notes

__ Read “Body Ritual Among the Nacerima”

__ Response Paper:

Paragraph 1: Summary of Chapter 6.    FOCUS on the “culture of honor” and how Cohen and Nisbett studied it.  Be sure to read the footnotes in this chapter as well. You can deviate from the template’s wording BUT still use the template’s general order and at least one quote that illustrates Gladwell’s point about culture of honor.

Paragraph 2:

Describe another way to study the notion of a culture of honor using one of the methods we discussed last week:




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