Research Methods

This week we will look at Sociologists know what they know.  We’ll explore different research methods from embedding in a group as in “Gang Leader for a Day” to using demographic data.  It is more fun than it sounds!


Three Perspectives Follow-Up:

_ Video explanation.  The video goes through the three perspectives and examples.  We will also do more case studies next week. [UPDATE: Video link has been removed.  I will look for another and we will review next week]

__ In the textbook, the three perspectives are explained in Chapter 1, section 5

Before Oct 20:

__ Watch Gang Leader for a Day and Dalton Conley and Matt Desmond

  • Consider the similarities and differences between Venkatesh and Desmond’s methods and their findings.

___ Read Outliers, Chp 3: The Trouble with Geniuses, Part 1

  • Take notes by section

___ Read Discover “Ignore IQ Tests”

  • Take notes

___ Write a two paragraph response.

  • Paragraph 1 should be a summary of the Outliers chapter 3.  Follow the template and choose an illustrative quote.  Your quote can either be a specific illustration of the general idea or the general idea with a specific example from Gladwell or you of a specific.
  • Paragraph 2 should be your response.  Use the reading on IQ scores to either agree and go farther with Gladwell’s argument or disagree.  In either case explain why. Use the “Ways to Respond for an opening line. Use ONE quote from Gladwell OR the IQ article to support your response.
  •  Paragraph grading, 1 point for each element:
    • Summary of reading
    • Appropriate supporting quote in summary
    • Correct bibliographic reference.  Since I am giving you sources no footnote is needed. Include an in-text citation.  For example, In Gladwell’s Outliers he makes the point that individual’s success if often the result of lucky timing resulting in “accumulative advantages” (p 30)
    • Clear agreement/disagreement/thesis in the response paragraph
    • Supporting quote for your response
    • NOTE: Points are earned for the effort not for having the same answer as me or anyone else.  That said some ideas are difficult to support with the evidence at hand.  This will be grounds for comments, discussion and learning NOT points off.  Also these summaries and responses are about understanding, processing and analyzing not producing perfectly stylistic essays or grammatically perfect sentences.  (Though assessment papers/projects will be expected to be polished)

For Your Procrastination:

Both videos tell a similar story in very different ways about how the function of school as education is now questionable and it is time for a change.  Both videos are aweome!

Education Dysfunction Video  Ken Robinson on Education

“I Just Sued the School” Prince Ea

Correlation or Causation?


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