Sociological Perspectives

Week 2:

From the big picture of form, function and conflict to the conversation and relationship level, a sociologist is there with a theory.  This week we will practice being sociologists from the big three perspectives.




Before Oct 13

  • Read Outliers, Chp 2 “The 10,000 Hour Rule” Below are the computer science entrepreneurs from the chapter.  Pics courtesy of wikipedia.
  • outliers-chp-2
  • Take notes on chapter 2.
    • Signs that something may be notable:
    • Extreme or absolute language
    • Contradictions
    • Numbers, data, statistics
    • Quotes
    • New words or phrases (like accumulative advantage from Chp 1)
  • Two paragraph response.  Print and bring to class:
    • First paragraph: Summary of the chapter.  Use the template from last week. You can substitute in a different quote intro or quote explaining phrases from the boxes below the template.
    • Second paragraph: Answer, what else – other than timing – might be a factor in those computer entrepreneurs success and why.  Hint: Consider the picture above. You do NOT need a quote or additional research for this paragraph.


For Your Procrastination



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