Writing break

I know you are all hard at work on your papers and I am very sorry to interrupt.  I will just be a minute…I wanted to follow up on our conversation yesterday.

One, Cassidy found the real story behind Walt Disney’s body.  It should set straight all those rumors blowing around.

And two, here is the story about Jeremy Bentham.  That is him below – his preserved skeleton dressed in his own clothes.  As often happens in these cases,  something went wrong in preserving his head so what you see there is a wax reproduction.  See the website for the full story.

from Bentham’s will: The skeleton he will cause to be put together in such a manner as that the whole figure may be seated in a chair usually occupied by me when living, in the attitude in which I am sitting when engaged in thought…



OK.  Now back to those papers.  Email me if you have any questions!


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