Fix it! for April 28


This week we will apply what we have learned about fiscal and monetary policy.  In class you will read excerpts from the Beige Book, decide where the economy is and what (if anything) needs to be done.  In addition to that fun we will take a quick tour of Economists through History.

Before Next week:


Follow up from last week:

Avenging the Tax Man: Tax Case study

FICA – Social Security and Medicare contributions

Procrastination Station

To go along with the Summers essay, a slightly cynical and PG13-rated take on infrastructure: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Infrastructure

More six word memoirs,

More on Adam Smith in a comic book form,

Deficit Reduction/Budget Simulators:

From the New York Times

From the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

From the Concord Coalition

Monetary Policy – try it out at the Fed





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