Money, Money, Money

  It's only natural that Washington's "Head of State" should grow a body and start walking around and doing stuff.

Awesome money collage art by Mark Wagner,

We can exchange goods and services by barter or through a medium of exchange, like money.  So what makes something useful as money?  Believe or not Tide detergent has been used as money.  This week what makes money money.  How to create money.  And how to control the amount of money in an economy.

Before Next week:

— Finish your paper. Due by the beginning of class Thursday April 14.  Hard copy or emailed is fine. Have someone read it for you.  And go through the grading rubric to see what you would give yourself.  Do this when you still have time to improve your paper!

Rubric Measure of a country

–Watch the following videos:

Ep 29: What is Money?

Ep 30: Creating Money

Ep 32: Monetary Policy

The Panic of 1907 and the Creation of the Federal Reserve

— Complete the following study guide

PDF Study guide Money

Google docs here

For your procrastination:

Podcast from Marketplace on the end of the gold standard: Gold Standard RIP

Culture and savings from TED talks: Could your language affect your ability to save money? 



3 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money”

  1. I have a question about the introduction. It says measure name, what is included etc.. Is this supposed to be an introduction for all the measures?


  2. Absolutely include any negatives of your measure. And the name is if you choose to call it something, like we saw with The Happy Planet Index for example. And a brief introduction would be why we measure a country and what might be be considered. Then you can go into what is in your measure.


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