Week 9, 11/19: Wages

Why do surgeons make more than sales clerks?  Why go to college or grad school?


This week we will look at why occupations have different wages. And why individuals have different incomes. There are solid economic reasons for wage differences.  But sometimes there is not an economic reason.  Determining wage discrimination is complicated, but that won’t stop us from trying.

Please bring a laptop in if you can today.  We need three – so each pair of students has one.  You will be researching national and local wages on http://www.mynextmove.org/

Music:  To make up for last two weeks without a song,  here are 10 songs about labor.


Wages & Discrimination

To do before class:

______  Complete paper outline to hand-in at start of class.

Choose either Cereal Merger Case or Poverty in the Movies

_____ Watch videos:   Tradeoff Between Fun & Wages and  Compensating Differentials

_____ Complete the online questionnaire at MyNextMove.org.  This is the O-Net Interest Profiler.

Write down your top 2-3 interest areas.

Decide on a level of preparation with the Job Zone

(Zone 4 is a bachelor’s degree, Zone 5 is graduate work)

Look at the recommended careers.  Write down 3 that are of interest. (turns out I might be interested in Economics Teaching, post-secondary)

_____ Listen to the Freakonomics show on The Patent Gap

_____ Complete focus notes by making two lists while watching and listening this week:

-Reasons that two different occupations would have different wages

– Reasons that two different individuals would make different amounts even if in the same occupation

____   Calendar check: 11/26 – No class – Eat Turkey

12/3 – Quiz 2 due.  Paper outlines returned

12/10 – Email me your papers




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