Week 8: 11/12 Poverty & Income Inequality

Poverty: Who? Where? Why? Is it true that the rich are getting richer?  What would cause that to happen?  And does it matter?

from Visualizing Economics

We will look at income statistics for the United States. you will learn how to interpret income statistics with definitions of poverty and quintile analysis.  We will also look at three theories of why poverty persists.

To Do Before Class:

____ Read all three theories of poverty handouts: “Poverty as culture“, “poverty as structure,” and “Poverty as Exploitation

_____ Complete Poverty Theory Grid in attached focus notes

_____ Watch “Is There Income Mobility in America?”

_____ Watch this TED Talk by Richard Wilkinson on “How Economic Inequality Hurts Societies”

_____ Complete the income inequality focus notes before class.  While I do not check these completing them builds a base knowledge that lets us all jump right into the case studies.


or web site here https://www.slideshare.net/secret/t8AZwWCammZr3L

Focus Notes:

Income Inequality and Poverty Notes


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