For Week 2 – Sept 24

Week 2:  Demand and Supply – The Foundation of Economics


This week we lay the the foundation for the whole study of economics.  We will learn how prices are determined in markets.  Sellers with an idea of the price they would like to get for what they are selling – a reserve price try to find a willing buyer.  Buyers come to the market with a notion of what they want and the max they are willing to pay for it.   Together these buyers and sellers negotiate their way to an equilibrium price.

We will look at the reasoning behind buyers and sellers behavior, how an equilibrium is arrived at and why prices change.

This is a big prep week so give yourself time for the videos.

To do:

____ Read 3-1 through 3-4.  Start here

If you end up on the openstax home page, we are using Economics by Tim Taylor.  Click “get this book”  then open with web view for reading.  You can continue without donating.  

____Watch All of the videos below:

Market Prologue,


E12: Change in Demand v Change in Quantity Demanded &

E13: Supply,

E14: Market Equilibrium

Supply & Dance, Man!  fun and good explanation of demand and supply from We The Economy.  Make it the first or last one you watch.


___ Complete the three tables below while watching and reading

Here is a printable version Demand&Supply note sheet

Term/Concept Definition Picture/Graph Example Connection
Quantity Demanded
Quantity Supplied
Ceteris Paribus


Demand Shifters Example of Increase Example of Decrease
Income More money means people buy more at every price Less money means people buy less at every price recessions, layoffs, raises, etc


Supply Shifters Example of Increase Example of Decrease
Number of producers More producers means more good available at every price Fewer producers means less provided at every price mergers = decrease, world trade = increase

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    1. All the way at the bottom, below the glossary, there is a “NEXT” button. That is what you want. You can track the sections by use the “Contents” folder button at the top of each section.


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